Carpe Diem

We can jump in the ocean and sink like stones, but that's okay with me baby because I'll be next to your bones
Carpe Diem


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(by Nikoloz Mameishvili)

I saw my “first love” today. It was the most surreal thing. We had an emotional bond all through middle school. We either were in love or hated each other. It’s funny thinking about it now. We were so young, but swore we felt so deeply. We thought we we’re going to get married. We spent everyday together at each other’s houses. That’s the benefit of dating your neighbor. He had a lot of emotional issues and abused drugs and had suicidal tendencies. Well he disappeared my freshman year. I’m now a junior, happily in another relationship. I heard the news that he was home today at school, I was completely flabbergasted… it’s still so much to process. He wanted to see me. He told me everything. Two men in black came in the middle of the night, grabbed him, made him come a long to a camp in the woods with them in Utah. This was the beginning of his “rehabilitation”. It all sounds traumatizing to me. From there he was transferred to a facility then another. He’s came for the week and he finally got the nerve to talk to me, he thought he wasn’t good enough to talk to me. When I first saw him I couldn’t believe my eyes. He looked great. He was clean cut, gained a very nice amount of weight and muscle, and actually smiled. The only time I’d see that kid smile was when he was talking about something cynical. I’m glad to see him happy. Well I hope he’s happy, I hope it’s not a facade that he’s been brainwashed into. I hope he’s not just pretending to stay out of institutions. I hope he’s happy. I told him I love him and there’d always be a spot for him, and we hugged and held each other like old times. I told him about my new relationship, and he was concerned because I told him how my current boyfriend reminds me of him. He doesn’t want me to go down the wrong path. He told me he still feels the same for me I’m guessing but I didn’t ask him to clarify but I held him close. Everything felt the same. He’s leaving on Sunday, but I will be back for good in December. I’ve imagined what this day would be like for years, but I’m glad it went the way it did. I think it’s a good ending, because it’s not over. I love my boyfriend so much, and I’m excited to see where our relationship will go. But my first love will always be a memory I cherish. 


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oh mon dieu paris by hjartesmil on Flickr.

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